Hi, I’m Peter and this is my sketch pad.  Can I decide on a theme, look and direction and crank out 25 versions to support it? Yes, but not here. Instead, I’ll be posting ideas and work-in-progress, the composition and technique to be refined, before it is acted upon or finalized.

Many years ago (4th grade), I was almost “left back” for lack of attendance, and doodling during the few classes I did attend. Thanks to an art teacher and great friends I managed to get into and graduate the High School of Art and Design. Practicality, a vestige of growing up in NYC, led me to try accounting, and finance at Baruch College, while working two jobs, one of which was as a tutor to other students–a great way to barter my English and philosophy skills for help in calculus, econometrics, and statistics. Anyway, after five years, I settled upon a Bachelors in Advertising (minor in Graphic Design). Two finance courses I’d need for a major in the subject weren’t offered in the current semester, and I had exhausted options to take any other electives: the legacy of a professional student.

Ten years later, I finally realized a Masters Degree in Banking & Finance, in the meantime supporting the prosecution at New York County’s District Attorney’s office and for the Civil division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, mostly composing litigation exhibits, working with spreadsheets, and helping out coworkers with with Wordperfect, Excel, and Acrobat. At home I discovered digital art (ASCII art, Illustrator and Photoshop 6).

When I moved to San Diego, I used that banking degree to secure a job as a credit analyst, a decade later, becoming a senior underwriter and go-to guy for all things Excel, Outlook, and workstation related. I’ve also earned UCSD graphic, web design, video and editing certifications, and did did a stint working on digital images at San Diego’s Art Institute where my formal art education ended.

I’ve written all of this to let you know that, though drawing and painting has been a great part of my life, I didn’t pursue an MFA, and I haven’t worked in the art industry (, yet–anything’s possible). So please look, read, and enjoy; and use my Contact page to give suggestions and provide positive feedback–as it’s always appreciated.